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12 July 2010 @ 04:48 pm
"The great thing about theater is that it's always changing."  

theatre log,

Wicked (eve, 8-2-09)
Spring Awakening (eve, 11-12-10)

Local Theatre:
The Wizard of Oz
Once Upon a Mattress ('06)
Footloose (eve, 11-17-07)
Little Shop of Horrors (eve, 7-25-09)
The Foreigner ('09)
Annie (eve, 11-19-09)
Faith County (2010)
The Rocky Horror Show (mat, 10-17-10)
Marvin's Room (eve, 3-24-11)
Nunsense: The Mega Musical (eve, 11-17-11)

American Idiot (eve, 7-31-10)
The Lion King (eve, 8-1-10)

None as of yet

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